Author: LatinaGlatt


What to avoid when doing sports

Winning isn’t everything in sports. By losing as well you learn a lot about yourself and the game in itself. However most of us our encouraged to always aim and winning. And to make this dream come true there might be a lot of things we do that might not […]


Why teenagers should be involved in sports

Sports in general is something that is encouraged by experts to be taken up by almost anyone regardless of their age or gender, especially because of the many benefits it has to offer. When it comes to teenagers however it is a special case, mainly since smartphones seem to be […]


What every sports parent should do

Sports is something that many people can connect through. Whether it watching it live or playing in the field, there is always a bond that is created. Because of this and many other reasons parents may encourage their child as well to follow sports. So if you are one of […]